Our Atlassian plugins

Simple Wiki Pages for JIRA Server

Sometimes Confluence is just too big and cumbersome to use. For those times, SimpleWiki is your answer for project organization hosted right in your JIRA instance.

It allows you to easily create shared pages for your projects, collaborate on project notes, specifications, or store documentation and roadmaps.

Simple Tasklists for JIRA Server

Simple Tasklists is a quick and easy way to add tasks right inside your JIRA Issues. Place them in the Issue description or in comments with a simple {task} macro. Click a checkbox to mark them as done. Simple as that. Create templates for repeatable tasks and easy inserting into Issues.

Simple Cloud Files for JIRA Cloud   |   for Confluence Cloud

Atlassian Cloud limits you to 25GB of storage. Connect your JIRA Cloud instance to an Amazon S3 Bucket, and instantly upgrade to unlimited storage. Simple Cloud Files allows you to store files on a project level, as well as issue level. Organize your files into folders however you see fit.

Simple Agile Boards for JIRA Cloud

Create sime Agile / Kanban boards for your JIRA Projects. Boards can have any columns or swimlanes you want, without restrictions. It's like having Trello right inside JIRA

Quick Suggest Macros for JIRA Server

Simplifies issue authoring with this plugin by utilize a new autocomplete function for all JIRA macros. Simply type an opening curly brace { and an intellisense style autocomplete kicks in.

Simple Glossary for JIRA Server

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what certain words, and acronyms within your JIRA Issues mean. Instead, use Simple Glossary to create a project wide dictionary of terms, and it will automatically highlight and display matching terms within your JIRA Issues. All you need to do is hover over a highlighted term, and the definition will show in a convenient popup.